147626 aqua lingerie Don’t Forget The Rest of Her: The Perils of Focusing On One SpotAll too often, men think that they have to focus only on one area on a woman’s body. They might touch her breasts for a brief minute, but then they head straight for the vagina and stay there. Women, though, often like to be touched and caressed, and there should be more than two minutes of foreplay. Sure, a sudden and brief sexual encounter can be fun, but quickies aren’t always what you should be striving for. Rather than be in a hurry, why not take some time and explore? Thoroughly exploring her body with your hands and/or mouth can provide both of you with a lot of satisfaction and ensure that she’s just as interested in the sexual encounter as you are.

If you forget the rest of her and only focus on one spot, she may feel as though she’s being neglected as a whole person and you’re just interested in the sex, not the love and companionship that should come with it. A good sex life is made up of different kinds of gratification at different times, and when that’s the case it’s much easier to enjoy one another, both in and out of the bedroom. Don’t get too focused on one aspect of a woman that you forget she’s a whole woman – a person with needs and wants and desires that you shouldn’t ignore. Ask her what she wants from you, and if she’s uncomfortable telling you, she can show or guide you to what she likes the best. Listen for verbal cues and pay attention to body language, and you’ll both have a better sexual experience.

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