1190521 music hearts Myths About The G Spot: What’s The Real Score?The G spot is basically surrounded by myth. People say it doesn’t exist. Other people say it does. Some say that it’s very hard to find and others say that it’s easy to locate. No matter what you’ve heard about the G spot, some of it is probably not true, and you have to know how to separate the fact from the fiction. There are a lot of sexual myths, and researching them through reputable sites, books, or articles is one of the best ways to learn what you need to know. The G spot is real, and it can take some practice to find it, but it’s not completely elusive. The best way to locate it is by understanding where it is and then by practicing. That’s true whether you’re a woman trying to locate her own G spot or whether you’re a man who’s trying to give extra pleasure to his partner by finding her G spot.

No matter which category you’re in, make sure that you learn all you can about how to find the G spot. Women who want to find their own spot can do so in the private of their home. Men who want to find their partner’s spot can take things slow and experiment, so that the sexual encounter doesn’t become all about finding the G spot. That quickly takes all of the romance out of the situation and can make it a lot less enjoyable for both parties. It can also lead to frustration and aggravation, neither of which are very sexy.

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The G Spot is No Myth

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938492 power of women The G Spot is No MythA lot of men (and women) who can’t locate the G spot become skeptical that it even exists at all. It’s no myth, but it can be difficult to find. It’s more of a zone, really, instead of an actual spot, and located on the wall of the vagina about two inches in from the vaginal opening. Everyone is different, though, and while the G spot is in basically the same place on every woman there are some slight variations. If you’re a woman looking for your own G spot you’ll need to be patient, and the same is true if you’re a man who is hoping to pleasure your partner by finding her G spot. The G spot was actually first written about back in the 1950s, but its existence from then until now continues to be a topic of debate for both men and women.

If you’re one of the skeptics, give yourself a chance to locate the G spot and see that it’s really not a myth, and you’ll be on your way to what many women believe is the most intense orgasmic pleasure that you could have. Clitoral orgasms are said to be nothing in comparison to a G spot orgasm, and it’s something that you can experiment with, either alone or with your partner. If you’re able to find your own G spot, you’re also more likely to be able to guide your partner to it, thus heightening your pleasure during sex and giving your partner the opportunity to do something that really pleases you.

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