The Wild G Spot Vibrator has been described over and over again with one sentence, or should I say question, and that question is ‘who needs a man’.

The Go Anywhere Toy

This little toy is water proof and battery operated, so it can go basically anywhere you feel like having a little sexual stimulation, or even more than just a little sexual stimulation.

Use It In The Bathtub

How about laying back in a hot bath, with mounds of crisp white bubbles tickling your nose, while the Wild G Spot Vibrator tickles your delicate nether-regions, sending you gyrating slowly to its influence, the bath bubbles moving in soft telltale waves?

In The Shower

Or, how about standing in the shower, the hot steamy water dappling your skin, running down your body leaving a warm shine in its path, you lift your face to meet the spray of warm wet pliable crystals . . .

  • Your body shivers, though the water keeps it warm, trembles run though you like waves climbing a beach.
  • Your clitoris is hot with fire and a buoyancy that feels you might lift through the ceiling.
  • Your lips and inner surfaces are gently massaged and vibrated, lifting your level of excitement to a bursting point as you steady yourself in the stall, your body raging with trembles of anticipation….

If you want the rest of the story, you will want to purchase The Wild G Spot Vibe.

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Ease of Use

This little ‘magic wand’ being marketed by Hitachi is marketed as a personal massager:

  • They have a little booklet in with the massager showing muscle pressure points that it can be used on, but they don’t fool the average female consumer.
  • With a shape like that, there is but one main use it could be made for.
  • Add to that, the optional insertion piece called ‘The Jelly G-Spot Hitachi Magic Wand Attachment’ and you get more than just a general idea what this little device was made for and capable of doing.

A Full Body Experience

Of course this little massager could be used on other parts of the body such as aching muscles or other pressure points and it would do a fine job of relieving stress and pressure in those areas, getting blood flowing better and thereby removing impurities from the muscles.

This little device  is also behaves like  it was made for something much more delicate in nature.

It has built a strong following of woman that appreciate it for what it can do for their sexual desires.

Dual Speeds

With it’s strong motor that achieves two different speeds, it is capable of delicately vibrating a woman’s g-spot or clitoris or it is capable of a much more frantic vibration that would be capable of sending a woman over the top of her orgasm.

One thing is certain; it won’t stop before she reaches satisfaction.

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Ease of Use

The Jack Rabbit and other vibrators were developed in Japan where it was illegal to create sex toys that were any way shaped to resemble male genitalia.

Superior Craftsmanship

The craftsman of Japan picked one of the most loved and approachable animals, the rabbit, and designed this toy to resemble that little animal.

That practice still continues and these vibrators have earned themselves a plethora of fans around the globe. These little vibrators are unique in design and very recognizable.

They have developed a strong following and have received rave reviews including the review from Playboy naming it the best vibrator on the market.

Superior Stimulation

For many women sex, even masturbation, can be less than gratifying because their g-spot may be hard to locate and or hard to stimulate.

The Jack Rabbit has been receiving rave reviews for its ability to stimulate even the hardest to find g-spots.

  • It twists until the g-spot is located, then you can set the controls to vibrate continuously in that position until climax is achieved.
  • The rotating shaft is helped by the beads dancing within the lower portion as they gently stimulate the clitoris.
  • Add the bunny ears to this and you have an explosive orgasm coming your way.

This device has multiple intensity controls and is powerful enough, you may never reach the full intensity it is capable of delivering.

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