507959 warning  If She Thinks She Has To Pee, You’re Almost ThereIt may sound crazy, but the right kind of stimulation can make a woman feel as though she has to pee. She actually doesn’t, so neither one of you should be worried about that happening, but that pressure in just the right spot can indicate that she’s about to have an orgasm. This ‘need to pee’ feeling can be much more pronounced with an impending G spot orgasm than with an upcoming clitoral orgasm, but any orgasm can give a woman that feeling sometimes. Don’t be concerned that something is wrong if that feeling occurs, because it’s actually fairly common in a lot of women. It has to do with the pressure that’s put on the bladder during intercourse, and it’s based on the angle of the penis.

Some women may get it a lot and some women may experience it very rarely or not at all. A woman who has gotten it with one partner may not experience it with a different partner, either, because of a difference in penis size. If you notice your woman is experiencing this, though, because she comments on it to you, you can be sure that she’s getting very close to experiencing an orgasm. It’s not the time to stop and discuss it or let her get up to see if she really does need to pee. Changing position or rhythm could also slow her progress, so just keep doing what you’re doing when she makes that comment, and you’ll both be on your way to a great sexual experience.

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660974 sensual piercing The Difference Between an Orgasm and a G Spot OrgasmFor a woman, there are some different kinds of orgasms. Some women are able to have an orgasm from breast stimulation, and some can have one by rubbing their legs together in just the right way. However, the most common options for an orgasm are through stimulation of the clitoris or the G spot. For most women, the orgasms that they have are clitoral orgasms. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with these, and they can be very pleasurable, but in the minds of most women who have experienced both, they don’t compare to the mind-blowing intensity of the G spot orgasm. The problem with the G spot orgasm, though, is that it can be difficult to attain.

Not everyone can find the G spot easily, and getting close to it won’t be enough to cause an orgasm in most women. If a woman can find her G spot on her own, she’ll have a better chance of showing her partner where it is and guiding him so that he can give her the pleasure that she’s looking for. While not all women are interested in a G spot orgasm and some are very content with the clitoral variety, experimentation can be fun with the right person and can lead to something that’s much more pleasurable than would otherwise be expected. Really, the main differences in the G spot and clitoral orgasms are the specific area which is stimulated and the intensity of the orgasm. Other than that, the orgasms from a biological standpoint are one and the same.

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Have you heard of the term female ejaculation?  How about the Grafenberg or the G-spot? One is actually related to the other, but both have something to do with the ultimate sexual pleasure that women could feel.

First, there’s the G-spot. This is part of the female anatomy which is physically equivalent of the male prostate.  Basically, the G-spot is located about one and a half to three inches up the vaginal wall. It’s an erectile tissue which takes on the shape of a bean, and you can feel it as having a different, rougher texture than the rest of the usually smooth tissue on the vaginal wall.

Second, there’s the female ejaculation. Anybody who’s seen an adult film would know that there is such a thing as the ejaculation of a female – and it simply involves her releasing a fluid similar to the semen when she reaches her sexual peak. Usually, women reach female ejaculation through G-spot stimulation – although vaginal and clitoral stimulation can also cause her to ejaculate.

A Few Key Reminders when Trying to Have a G-Spot Orgasm

The good news is that if you are looking forward to experiencing a G-spot orgasm, there are a good number of techniques which can be used.

Before enumerating the techniques for G-spot stimulation, here are a few reminders:

  • Prior to locating the G-spot, make sure that you are fully aroused. If not, reaching deep inside the vagina to locate the Grafenberg spot may cause discomfort or downright pain.
  • Whether you are using manual stimulation or a sex toy for G-spot stimulation, make sure that you have plenty of lubrication.
  • Remember that every woman’s body is different.  If you find out that you cannot reach an earth-shattering orgasm through G-spot stimulation, it doesn’t mean that you are lacking in terms of your skills in bed. What it simply means is that there is a different trigger for you to reach your sexual peak – which is either by vaginal or clitoral stimulation.

Techniques Used to Stimulate the G-Spot

Now that you already know about the key points to remember before stimulating the G-spot, let us enumerate the techniques for you to have a G-spot orgasm.

Since the G-spot is located at a ‘tricky’ spot, it might be best if you will try manual stimulation first. Using your fingers, reach inside the vagina and once you are already about an inch and a half in, make a come-hither motion with your fingers.

You would know that you hit the right spot once you feel the tissue which is ridged to the touch, and is rougher than the rest of the vaginal wall. For further G-spot stimulation, make a tapping motion with your finger because this part needs a bit more pressure, unlike stimulating the clitoris.

You can also reach G-spot orgasms with a partner by using sexual positions when you are lying on top, a rear-entry or a spooning position. Finally, you can make use of sex toys which are specifically designed for G-spot stimulation.

Take your pick from these delightful G-spot stimulation techniques and discover sexual pleasures that will make your spine tingle and add some much-needed spice to your sex life!

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