Here’s a video with simple instructions on how to find the female G Spot using your finger, and how to apply proper stimulation that can produce Gspot orgasms.

Watch this video demonstration on how to stimulate the G Spot:

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Believe it or not, women can make mistakes when trying to locate their G-Spot.  We don’t know ourselves as well as we would sometimes like to believe.  Some of the following may appear to be obvious to you, but not everyone knows.

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Common G-Spot Mistakes and Misconceptions

  • The G-Spot is not outside the vagina.  Contrary to what many believe, the G-Spot in on the inside wall of the vagina.
  • You do not have to press it really hard and fast.  As a rule of thumb the best way to stimulate the G-Spot is to go with what feels good.  If you are trying to stimulate someone else then be attentive to what they are feeling.
  • “Scientists” say that the G-Spot may not exist.  Well this is a load of old rubbish, and anyone who has actually stimulated their G-Spot will tell you this without a moment of hesitation.  Scientists are probably too busy with their test tubes and Bunsen burners to have any fun at all!
  • The G-Spot is not compulsory for all sexual relationships.  Don’t get hung up on the G-Spot, it isn’t the be all and end all of a successful relationship, and there are some people who can’t stimulate it as much as they can their clitoris.
  • You are not supposed to have multiple orgasms or ejaculate every time you orgasm with G-Spot stimulation.  This is entirely dependent on the person doing the stimulating, the person being stimulated, and indeed the general physical make up of the woman involved.

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The male g-spot is easy to find with just a little patience.

In order for the most comfort, the man should probably take a good shower, cleaning his anal area as well as he can.

This will remove any self confidence issues that he may have during the search.

Have him lay on his back and get comfortable, possibly put a couple of pillows under his bottom to raise his hips. This will make his anus easier to come in contact with. Once he is in position and comfortable, begin by caressing the area around his anus softly but not so lightly as to tickle.

As he relaxes, then move closer and closer to the anus itself, getting to the point where you are putting light pressure on the opening and massaging. As you massage, he should relax more, don’t force your way in, this is supposed to be stimulating, not painful.

Once he is totally relaxed, you can begin slowly inserting two lubricated fingers, moving and massaging carefully and entering slowly. At about two inches in, you will find a little chestnut sized bump.

This is the male G-Spot and it is very sensitive.

You will have not trouble telling by his movements that you have found it. Now that you have located it, how you proceed will be between you and your partner, some men prefer gentle prodding of the spot while others may prefer more intense stimulation.

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