507959 warning  If She Thinks She Has To Pee, You’re Almost ThereIt may sound crazy, but the right kind of stimulation can make a woman feel as though she has to pee. She actually doesn’t, so neither one of you should be worried about that happening, but that pressure in just the right spot can indicate that she’s about to have an orgasm. This ‘need to pee’ feeling can be much more pronounced with an impending G spot orgasm than with an upcoming clitoral orgasm, but any orgasm can give a woman that feeling sometimes. Don’t be concerned that something is wrong if that feeling occurs, because it’s actually fairly common in a lot of women. It has to do with the pressure that’s put on the bladder during intercourse, and it’s based on the angle of the penis.

Some women may get it a lot and some women may experience it very rarely or not at all. A woman who has gotten it with one partner may not experience it with a different partner, either, because of a difference in penis size. If you notice your woman is experiencing this, though, because she comments on it to you, you can be sure that she’s getting very close to experiencing an orgasm. It’s not the time to stop and discuss it or let her get up to see if she really does need to pee. Changing position or rhythm could also slow her progress, so just keep doing what you’re doing when she makes that comment, and you’ll both be on your way to a great sexual experience.

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 How to Find The G Spot

How To Find The G Spot

Where is the gspot? You’ve heard whispers about IT. Maybe you’ve even heard the woman in your life talking about it with her girlfriends. What is the G Spot? WHERE is this secret love button hidden?

Some folks say the G Spot doesn’t even exist. While others report it’s prime vagina real estate to move on with your hand, a vibrator or even your penis. Just inside a woman’s vagina the right manipulation of the g spot brings her screaming to a shattering orgasm.

Step One

How do you find it? If your lady is lying on her back, push a finger inside her vagina, and then curl it up towards her navel. Just behind her pelvic bone (about two inches inside her) is a spot that’s slightly rippled and kind of springy (some say spongy). Similar to her clitoris, this sweet spot wants pressure, teasing and stroking.

Step Two

Get her hot and wet before attempting this little number. With your fingers about two inches inside her hot, wet vagina, locate the g spot and move your fingers in even circles all around and over it in a clockwise direction. Start and don’t break a steady rotational rhythm – move your fingers in small, slow, tight circles, or point your fingers more sharply up and rock them back and forth – tapping the spot.

Step Three

Kind of like your penis, this little spot swells and hardens as she gets close to the edge. A combination technique – tracing the g spot with your fingertips, while at the same time moving them in and out, will have her riding your hand in a frenzy. Make sure that you hit the g spot on each and every rotation (it’s THAT important) and put some wrist into it. Don’t forget to stroke her clitoris and pay attention to her breasts with your other hand as you work her g spot. Then, enjoy the explosions and the rewards!

Overall Tips & Warnings

  • Always keep your nails trimmed back and your hands manicured (no hangnails, etc.,) – no vagina wants to be scratched…just petted.

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G Spot Pictures

g spot3 G Spot Pictures

Picture of G Spot

The G Spot diagram (pictured above) shows the location of where the female gspot is.

Female G-Spot Photo

gspot vagina orgasm G Spot Pictures

G Spot Picture - Bumpy Texture

Compared to the smooth, inner walls of the vagina, the female g spot has a rough, rigid, bumpy texture. (See picture above)

Picture of How To Find The G Spot

gspot4 G Spot Pictures

How To Find The G Spot - Picture

The location of the G-Spot is approximately 1-3" on the ceiling of the vagina.

To stimulate the gspot, insert 1 finger inside a woman's vagina and make a "come hither" motion.

It is considered the most sensitive part inside a womans' vagina, and when the G Spot is properly stimulated, it can lead to female ejaculation.

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