371275 condom  path 001 Pushing The Right Buttons: Know ALL Her Erogenous Zones, Including The G SpotThe G spot is the Holy Grail when it comes to erogenous zones, but it’s not the only area that should be getting attention. People focus on it because it’s been said that it’s hard to find. It’s also been said that a woman can get much better, more intense orgasms by stimulating her G spot, or by having a partner stimulate it. That’s not always the case, though, because some women don’t react to the G spot in the same way. If you want to really please your partner, don’t make the G spot your primary focus. Instead, make sure that you’re paying attention to all of her erogenous zones and remember that every woman is different. What feels sexy to her might not appeal as much to another woman. There’s nothing wrong with asking what she likes, either. It’s a great way to find out what you should be doing less of and what you should be focusing on.

In addition to the G spot, the clitoris is another area that’s very sensitive. A lot of women find that they can have an orgasm much more easily with clitoral stimulation than they can by trying to find their G spot, so that’s important. Don’t feel like the vaginal area is the only place that you can focus, because the breasts are very sensitive as well, and so is the neck area. If you listen to what your partner is expressing verbally, pay attention to subtle changes like her breathing, and take time to explore every area of her body you can more easily find all of her erogenous zones and the ones that she seems to enjoy the most.

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G Spot Videos

Welcome to the free G Spot video section! No, you won't find the Gspot codec, video software/analyzer/tool, mp4, divx, xvid mpg/mpeg, windows media, avi codec, or any other video codecs to download here (I'm sure you can find it free to download somewhere)...but...

If you're looking for an instructional "how to find the g spot" videos, you've come to the right place!

I've compiled a collection of G Spot videos that will show you:

  • How to find the G spot
  • How to hit the G spot
  • G spot stimulation videos
  • G-spot ejaculation video
  • What the general population thinks abou the female gspot (and whether they believe it really exists)

So sit back, relax, choose one of the movies below & press play and watch the videos icon smile G Spot Videos

Top 10 Female G Spot Videos


G Spot Video 1: How To Find The G Spot


3D Video Reveals How To Locate, Find, & Stimulate The Female G-spot


G Spot Video 2: Gspot Confessions

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G-Spot Confessions from Ejaculating Women is a picto-graphic documentary by Glamour Television. It brings to explosive convergence the G-Spot; its wider implications within the sphere of female sexuality; the roadmap to G-Spot orgasm; and finally, the women who possess the code to the elusive female ejaculation.


G Spot Video 3: Find & Stimulate The GSpot on ANY Woman

0 G Spot Videos

Jason Julius describes how to easily find and stimulate the G Spot on any woman. Learn the proper techniques that can give any woman mind blowing squirting orgasms.


G Spot Video 4: Does The Female G-Spot Really Exist?


Is it mythical? Annoying to stimulate? Or the entry point to ultimate pleasure? Surprisingly, some people have doubts that the Gspot really exists!


G Spot Video 5: Physiology & GSpot Amplification


Sex doctor explains what the g-spot enhancement (or gspot amplification) is about. This apparently enhances female g spot orgasms!


G Spot Video 6: How To Hit The G-Spot

Where is the location of the Gspot? How do you find the G-spot? Carol Queen describes a few G spot tips, tricks and orgasm techniques in this video!


G Spot Video 7: Anatomy Of The GSpot


Dr. Placik, a Chicago based plastic surgeon describes anatomy of the g spot, and the Gspot enhancing surgery known as the "G-Shot".


G Spot Video 8: Sex Doctor Explains G-Spot


Confused about the G-Spot? Dr. Kellogg-Spadt, CRNP, Director of Sexual Medicine explains the G-spot.


G Spot Video 9: Female Ejaculation & Best Toys To Use

Ever wonder about the G-Spot and what the deal is with “female ejaculation?” Some of us have them often, some of us never got so lucky but when you know how to do it, a G-spot orgasm is regularly achievable. Well, find out from Claire Cavanah, co-founder of Babeland, when she provides all the basic information on finding and stimulating the G-spot on Cherry TV. She explains female ejaculation and the best toys to use!


G Spot Video 10: (Funny) Magic Finger Automatically Finds The GSpot

New Magic Finger Promises To Find Female Gspot!

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723757 womans midsection 8 Different Strokes:  Everyone Is Built Differently, Learn Your PartnerThe idea that all men and all women are built the same is silly. Of course the basic anatomical ideas are the same, but each person is just a little bit different. If you're with a new partner, it's very important that you learn what he or she wants and needs. Some people are smaller or larger than others, and that's true of the size of a woman's vagina as well as the size of a man's penis. Some people also like things more aggressive and others prefer to remain gentle and take things slowly. If you're comfortable enough to have sex with your new partner you should be comfortable enough to talk to that person about his or her needs, as well. Communication can be very sexy, and it can make things go much better during that first encounter and all of the encounters that come after.

It's a great thing to be able to talk openly and honestly with your partner about sex, because it shows maturity, and it also shows that you care about your partner and what he or she has to say. Feelings do matter, even if some people are only interested in the physical gratification. For those who are in relationships or who just want to make sure that they actually please the people they get involved with, remembering that everyone is different can help them along. Just because your last partner liked something doesn't mean that your new partner will, and keeping that in mind can keep things in the bedroom much, much better.

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