The G-Wiz is a bright pink, wonderfully soft to the touch, device that has an insertable length of approximately 5.12 inches and is about four inches around at the widest point.

  • It is run on two triple A batteries.
  • The intensity controls are in a button on the base, which allows you to cycle through the settings any time you wish and at any frequency.
  • This little wonder is totally waterproof so it can go with you wherever you wish to take it, and is very easy to keep clean and sanitary.
  • Because of the diminutive size of the device, it warms up quickly and attains wonderful warmth while inserted.

This vibrator is quite powerful and you may not even use its full ability.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a perfect shape to use on your clitoris and outer lips, even your anus if you so choose, the padded rounded massage surface is gentle to the skin yet backed by a powerful vibrator that is sure to reach any intensity you desire.

With the G-Whiz inserted at a desired intensity and the Hitachi Magic Wand in use on the outer areas of your nether regions you are sure to reach satisfaction in an explosively enjoyable manner.


You’ll probably want to be alone during the use of these two devices, they don’t make much noise, but it’s a pretty sure bet that you will.

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Ease of Use

This little ‘magic wand’ being marketed by Hitachi is marketed as a personal massager:

  • They have a little booklet in with the massager showing muscle pressure points that it can be used on, but they don’t fool the average female consumer.
  • With a shape like that, there is but one main use it could be made for.
  • Add to that, the optional insertion piece called ‘The Jelly G-Spot Hitachi Magic Wand Attachment’ and you get more than just a general idea what this little device was made for and capable of doing.

A Full Body Experience

Of course this little massager could be used on other parts of the body such as aching muscles or other pressure points and it would do a fine job of relieving stress and pressure in those areas, getting blood flowing better and thereby removing impurities from the muscles.

This little device  is also behaves like  it was made for something much more delicate in nature.

It has built a strong following of woman that appreciate it for what it can do for their sexual desires.

Dual Speeds

With it’s strong motor that achieves two different speeds, it is capable of delicately vibrating a woman’s g-spot or clitoris or it is capable of a much more frantic vibration that would be capable of sending a woman over the top of her orgasm.

One thing is certain; it won’t stop before she reaches satisfaction.

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Ease of Use

click here to visit blue1 Hitachi Magic Wand With G Spotter Attachment

The Hitachi Magic Wand has developed a cult following in the sex toy community as one of the most powerful vibrators available. The Magic Wand is more commonly known as a muscle massager, though many of it’s features lend itself to excellent sexual gratification. Because of it’s versatile foam head, many attachments are available for the Magic Wand for stimulating different parts of the anatomy.

2b516fd3c05a258244a04df94585baae Hitachi Magic Wand With G Spotter Attachment

One of the most highly recommended attachments is the “Gspotter”. This attachment fits securely over the foam head of the Magic Wand and carries it’s vibrations to their intended destination.


  • The Hitachi Magic Wand is easy to handle and use. It’s generous handle makes it easy to maneuver, regardless of the position one might be holding it from.
  • The Magic Wand has a very discrete form factor. Unlike other sex toys that have all kinds of sparkly multi-colored features, the Magic Wand is discrete, and the Gspotter add on is small enough to be easily hidden and relatively innocuous as well.
  • The Gspotter attachment is made out of silicone. This provides it a number of advantages. First, it’s easy to clean. A before and after cleaning take just a minute, and it’s non-stick surface doesn’t protest a good wipe down. Second, it’s compatible with water based lubricants. Though silicone lubricants may damage this device, the benefits far outweigh the problem there.
  • Since the Magic Wand comes with a foam head on it, it works great as a clitoral stimulator. However, with the Gspotter add on, it works great as both. The extender attachment easily goes inside to stimulate the G-spot, while the base of the Gspotter provides ample clitoral stimulation.
  • Because the Magic Wand doesn’t use batteries, you’ll never find yourself left high and dry scouring around the house looking for a pair of D batteries. The Magic Wand comes with an ample cord, and plugs right into the wall. This means that it can last as long as you can.
  • The Magic Wand is simple to use. There are no knobs or levers, it simply has two settings: High and Low. This simplifies things and allows you to place your concentration else where.


  • The Magic Wand isn’t a small device. It has considerable size compared to other items on the market, and with the Gspotter add-on, it certainly isn’t the optimal size for being portable. If you’re looking for something to bring with you places, this maybe isn’t your best choice.
  • Though it’s simple to use with it’s two settings, it only has two settings. If you’re looking for more fine grained control over the vibration, look elsewhere.
  • The Magic Wand uses no batteries, however this means it uses a cord. If the notion of an extension cord going into your bed bothers you, this isn’t for you. In addition to being tethered, this also severely limits the portability of where you can use the device.

Video Review of The Hitachi Magic Wand With G-Spot Attachment

click here to visit blue1 Hitachi Magic Wand With G Spotter Attachment

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