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Jimmyjane’s Form design collection is characterized by sleek designs that challenge and tease the user’s imagination. I was looking for more odd shapes and features when I came across Form 4, another design in the series.

JimmyJane Form 4 JimmyJane Form 4 Review

At first, I couldn’t believe it belonged in the Form series because it is the only one that looks and feels like a vibrator. Although the design still has a discreet but quirky edge to it, the user does not have to guess what it does. With the Form 4, you don’t have to rack your brain trying to figure out how to use it. It’s an insertable vibrator that can also function as a clitoral stimulator.

Best Features

1. Soft But Firm

The Form 4 still has the patented platinum silicone body that the other Jimmyjane vibrators in the Form series are known for. It’s not so soft that you hardly feel anything when you use it like you would a vibrator, but it’s flexible enough that you can comfortably slide it in with minimal lubrication. Despite its hourglass appearance, the soft silicone plus the firm yield of the body feels more like the real thing than many vibrators out there that simply looks like a man’s penis.

2. Excellent Vibrations

As a clitoral stimulator, this vibrator takes the cake. The vibrations are intense, and there are four different vibration intensity levels to choose from. The first is the straightforward mode where you get steady vibration intensity. You can mix it up by playing with the three other modes that vary the pulsation pace and escalate the vibrations.

Sure, other vibrator brands can arguably give more intense pulses, but what I like about Form 4 is that you can grip it comfortably and rotate the rounded tip around the clitoris to your liking. What I like to do is to press the groove, or the point where the hourglass-shaped area starts, on the clitoral area and let the top rounded part massage the external part of the vagina for additional sensation.

3. The Bulb-like Top Part Feels Awesome Inside

I was a bit iffy about inserting it, probably because the whole thing measures 5 inches in length, and you can only insert up to 4 inches of the body. In other words, it’s a shallow insert, and if length is a qualification for you, the Form 4 may disappoint you. But when I used it as an insertable vibrator, I can feel the benefits of the hourglass shape.

It’s exciting to insert the top part because it’s thick, but the pleasure really magnifies after you insert the whole body. The fold of your vagina will close over the hourglass area, relaxing the external labia while the bulbous top part does its magic inside. The outer part of your vagina can relax and you can avoid the pain of that area being distended (like what happens during penetration), while the bulbous top part vibrates and pushes against the general area of the g spot in a way that no ordinary vibrator can do.

4. Perfect for Travelling

Like many Jimmyjane vibrators, this one does not look like a traditional vibrator. If you’re going on vacation, or you’re just going swimming with your boyfriend, you can bring the Form 4 without being embarrassed when someone accidentally sees the tool inside your bag. The waterproof feature will also come in handy when you want to do it in the water or under the shower. You may get a few snide comments from friends about bringing your very own bowling pin with you, but no one will really guess that it’s a vibrator unless you yourself tell.

The Form 4 comes with its own charging base. The Form 4 has a flat bottom, so it’s easy enough to place it on the base and watch it charge immediately. You can leave it on there until you use it, and it won’t overcharge.

Some Complaints About the Form 4

I’ve read some users complain about the Form 4 being too short and unable to reach their G spot. This reaction is expected because every woman differs in anatomy, and there may be some women who have extremely high g-spot position. But generally, I think four inches of vibrating firm silicone will definitely hit the spot.

Another complaint I read is about the vibration intensity. This vibrator is not as powerful as some others that have come before it, but the vibrations and pulses are regular and intense enough to give the orgasm you crave. Besides, this problem can easily be solved if you’re using the Form 4 as a clitoral stimulation tool. You can simply press the top around the most sensitive area and rotate it gently as you increase the vibration mode to maximum (level 5) to feel the vibrations directly where you want them.

click here to visit blue1 JimmyJane Form 4 Review

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