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The Lelo Lily Changed My Life

I mean that with all my heart. I’m not usually a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve but I can get away with telling you all about this because I don’t know you; well, one of you does (if you’re reading this). The story goes back a few months to when I met my new boyfriend. I tell you he was my “boy” friend because he is quite literally just a boy to me. I am 52 years old and he is 25! I know, I am lucky aren’t I?

Tom (that’s my toy boy) introduced me to sex toys for the first time a few months ago, virtually when I met him. He picked me up in a bar on an evening when I was feeling particularly loose and cheap. Me and a couple of my friends had decided to go out trying to recapture our youth, and maybe some sex life (although we weren’t holding our breath). Tom was in the bar, and he wasted no time in flirting with me. I remember thinking at the time that this boy must be pretty confident approaching three middle aged women who had clearly had one too many drinks, and to be honest it really turned me on. By the end of the night we were chatting like old friends, and we’d been getting on so well I hadn’t even noticed my own friends had gone; I think they were a bit put out that they weren’t getting as much attention as I was!

It was then that Tom started to tell me about his online business, selling sex toys. I couldn’t believe my ears at first, but I was certainly intrigued. He said it was the best job he’d ever had and that he knew all about how women “crave to have the orgasms they deserve” and other such stuff, and he handed me the Lelo Lily vibrator. Well it’s lucky that the Lilly isn’t a huge great big thing the size of a table leg or I’d have felt like a real idiot holding it right there in the middle of the bar, but as it happens the Lilly isn’t very big at all. It sat very nicely in the palm of my hand like a little pet, and it felt very nice to touch. I’m not very experienced when it comes to sex toys, but even I could tell that it was shaped perfectly to stimulate my clit and labia.

It looked so neat that I just wanted to get home and try it out. But then, to my surprise Tom told me to put it into my panties right there and then while we were sitting in the bar. He told me it was a clit vibe and it would make me orgasm like never before.

Well because my inhibitions were considerably lower than would usually be I did it of course. I looked Tom straight in the eyes and stuck my hand down the waistband of my jeans and popped it into my panties, just parting my lips a little to make it sit nice and snug. I could already feel it pressing on my clit and it felt fantastic. I was getting feelings in my lower body that I hadn’t had since the last time I stood with myself pressed hard against the washing machine on spin cycle. Now, when I turned it on it was like something else entirely and not at all what I’d have expected from something so small and innocent looking. The Lelo Lily had a surprising amount of power for something so small, and its variable vibration speed allowed me to progress to my climax incrementally! I really can’t get over how much this tiny vibe shocked me.

Sitting in one of those booths at the side of a bar certainly has its advantages, but I never thought I would take advantage of it in this way. Orgasm I certainly did – twice! That was the first time I’d climaxed like that in 30 years! The second time I came I turned up the vibrations and had to control the rest of my body shaking with the intense pleasure I was getting from this little Lelo Lilly. I looked Tom straight in the eye and my cheeks turned the brightest shade of red, brighter than anything I’ve had in my make-up box in the last 20 years. Tom was clearly enjoying himself just watching me getting off on the Lelo Lilly in my panties, and when I looked at him a little longer I realised that he too was shaking a little; the devil was playing with himself under the table!

Well, I had to help in out with that didn’t i? I couldn’t just leave the young man fiddling with his cock under the table so I reached under and did it for him while the Lelo Lilly sat there vibrating away in my panties. I had to stop after the second orgasm because my legs actually started to feel like they too were having an orgasm! I was tingling all over the place.

I still have my Lelo Lilly by the bed, and luckily Tom gave me the charger for it before we decided not to see any more of each other. I’m not sad though because I have my Lilly, and this little friend of mine has a lot more life in it than a man (up to seven hours of life to be exact) and it doesn’t even cost me any money in batteries!

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