This is the lubricant that is able to warm your erogenous zones and make your love plays hotter.

It heats up on contact with skin, with blowing or rubbing the erogenous zones you apply the lube on.

Advantages from using Warming Lubricants

There are the following advantages that the warming lubricant may deliver:

1. heightening physical sensitivity
2. intensifying sexual pleasure
3. creating wonderful unusual sensations
4. making the sexy play hotter and more passionate

Except all these effects, warming lubricant is a perfect non-toxic long-lasting liquid providing the gliding pleasure for both partners. It is latex condoms and sex toys compatible.

But you should always remember that there are some precautions in application:

1. allergy
2. yeast and other infections
3. high skin sensitivity

Warming lubricants contain a certain amount of glycerin or other substances that will become the good food for yeast if you have it. That is why it would be more reasonable to be cured before application.

In comparison with the traditional lubes, warming lubricants have much more content of such ‘provocative’ ingredients and therefore cause the tendency of the infections to grow. This will lead to irritations, discomfort, itching and so on.


Warming lubricants may be applied to different spots for intensifying the feel. There are different lubes intended for this or that erogenous zones.

For example, water-based warming lubricants with the light warming effect are recommended to use for vaginal sex.

The vaginal skin is very tender and sensitive, thus it is better to use the lubricant with small amount of warming agents.

The silicone-based warming lubes are great for anal sex. It does not block any pores and creates the perfect gliding effect combined with warming sensations.

There is a special kind of warming lubricants intended exclusively for other erogenous zones except vaginal or anal. They contain more intensive warming agent and are too hot. Even a few drops of this lube will make your nipples burn!

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