Aneros is a highly recognized and appreciated producer of prostate massagers and stimulators.

  • Their items are of high quality and made to be easy to use and easy to keep clean.
  • They have multiple models eight different models to choose from and they all have their own special features.
  • These devices make prostate stimulation a very easy prospect as they fit well and are easy to control.
  • The handle makes the device infinitely controllable once it is inserted and it allows for very subtle movements.
  • It is designed so you can use it without holding the handle at all but it is available should you want to take a little more control.

The Aneros model, just like any other prostate massager or stimulator, isn’t for everyone.

For some, the sensations produced by these massagers may be too intense.

Before you use any of these devices in the on position, you may want to insert them while off and just get used to something touching your prostate. That is something that you’ll not have experienced before unless you went to the doctor, turned your head sideways and coughed and that hardly compares to what your goal is with one of these devices.

When you decide you are ready to insert it and turn it on, make sure you do it in the very lowest setting. Build up to higher stimulation amounts, don’t try to start there.

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There are many prostate massagers on the market and innumerable suggestions as to how to use them.

The answer to the question relies on what you are looking for from the massager.

The prostate massager, which is also called a prostate stimulator, is used by men in order to produce a prostate orgasm both for pleasure and for maintenance of prostate health. A prostate orgasm is generally of a more intense nature and longer lasting that a normal male orgasm and is very desirable once a man has discovered them.

Prostate massagers are becoming very popular, especially the ones that work hands free so the man can concentrate completely on the sensations.

The Aneros series of prostate massagers and stimulators get high marks for ease of use and because of that ease, also tend to produce the strongest results. These are high quality devices that are not only easy to use, but also easy to maintain in a cleanly state.

Which ever device you choose, you will want to read the directions carefully and familiarize yourself with the workings of the device. Inserting it and turning it on full blast is guaranteed to over stimulate immediately, which is not a feeling you want to subject yourself to. The first time you insert it you may want to leave it totally inactive so your prostate gets used to the feeling of very light stimulation, then go up slowly from there.

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The male g-spot is easy to find with just a little patience.

In order for the most comfort, the man should probably take a good shower, cleaning his anal area as well as he can.

This will remove any self confidence issues that he may have during the search.

Have him lay on his back and get comfortable, possibly put a couple of pillows under his bottom to raise his hips. This will make his anus easier to come in contact with. Once he is in position and comfortable, begin by caressing the area around his anus softly but not so lightly as to tickle.

As he relaxes, then move closer and closer to the anus itself, getting to the point where you are putting light pressure on the opening and massaging. As you massage, he should relax more, don’t force your way in, this is supposed to be stimulating, not painful.

Once he is totally relaxed, you can begin slowly inserting two lubricated fingers, moving and massaging carefully and entering slowly. At about two inches in, you will find a little chestnut sized bump.

This is the male G-Spot and it is very sensitive.

You will have not trouble telling by his movements that you have found it. Now that you have located it, how you proceed will be between you and your partner, some men prefer gentle prodding of the spot while others may prefer more intense stimulation.

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