The right technique for stimulating the Male G-Spot depends a lot on the male involved.

  1. Once you have found the G-Spot, gentle caressing with the finger will begin the stimulation process.
  2. Some men react very positively to a gentle thrusting movement of the finger while others may prefer a more intense stimulation with constant pressure being placed on the prostate itself.
  3. You may want to mix and match the two stimulations together or experiment with different finger movements.
  4. Remember to move slowly with the stimulation because you are interacting in a very sensitive and very tender area of the man’s body. Too much stimulation can become very uncomfortable.
  5. Do the stimulation in a repetitive motion, giving the man’s body a chance to react to the stimulation.
  6. If the reaction you get is bland  or just plain non responsive, you will want to try another stimulation technique or a grouping of techniques, when you find a recipe that works, then keep it up gently.
  7. The man’s body will become more and more interactive as he nears his orgasm.
  8. When he does reach his orgasm, some men like the stimulation to continue and some need it to stop immediately because they become over-stimulated.
  9. Pay attention to the reactions you are getting, if they become too frantic, you will want to cease stimulation and let him come down naturally.

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The Male G Spot (or P Spot) is located in the lower rectum in that area is in contact with the prostate or prostate gland. This area is rich in nerve endings and very sensitive to touch. Moreover, the stimulation of the prostate (also known as “prostate milking”, “prostate massage” or “milking the prostate”) can cause intense male ejaculation and orgasm. In fact, to get a semen sample to a person suffering Anejaculation (a condition where men cannot ejaculate) is necessary to introduce an electric probe in the rectum and excite the nerves of this part of it (electroejaculation). The P Spot is the equivalent to the female G spot.

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Where Is The Prostate Located?

Prostate thumb Male G Spot The prostate is placed over the perineum, along the rectum and below the bladder. The perineum is the muscle located between the anus and the base of the testicles.

The function of the prostate is to produce some of the seminal fluid that protects and nourishes sperm cells in semen.

How To Stimulate The Male G Spot

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yhst64617591706811 2072 273030 thumb Male G Spot The active partner must have clean hands and nails perfectly cut. It is necessary to thoroughly lubricate the anus of the passive partner. You must use a water-based lubricant in gel form (compatible with latex), as will also be desirable for the active partner put a condom on your finger or a latex glove in his hand. You will not get dirty and will protect both of any possible infection (AIDS, hepatitis, gonorrhea, etc.). It is advisable to wash the anal area before starting. To do this, you can use an enema bulb syringe (pictured above) to inject the water into the rectum to wash the inside walls.


Two muscle rings called sphincters surround the anal opening and each works independently. The external sphincter is controlled at will by the central nervous system (for example, the muscles of the hand). This sphincter can tense and relax at any time. The internal sphincter is controlled by the autonomic nervous system (eg, heartbeat); reflects and responds to fear and anxiety during anal practices. The uncertainty will cause the anus to tense up automatically even if the passive partner is trying to relax. This may need to learn voluntary control over their internal sphincter to relax at will. You can do this regularly insert your finger into your anus (in the shower, while bathing day) and feel the muscles. Moreover, a hot bath before sexual practices increases the blood supply to the prostate and its sensitivity.


It is important to get to this point once the man is aroused. First it is recommended to stimulate the penis. Then massage the perineal area, and then externally stimulate the anus. Circling the anus with a well lubricated fingertip, analingus and other techniques are good techniques to use before hitting the male Gspot.

Stimulating The Male GSpot

Insert a well lubricated finger in the rectum and use a deep circular massaging motion in order to achieve a relaxed state and get used to the feeling of the presence of foreign body in the anus. Once penetration is achieved, massages in the form of upward and downward, making a slight pressure on the wall of the anus that is above the testicles, fingers curving inward. The prostate is identified by touch as small lumps the size of a walnut.

Over time, it may prove more penetration with a finger. You can also use a soft anal sex toy designed for men, which is not rigid and adapted to the walls of the anus. The excitement of the P Spot can be performed to accompany other sexual practices such as fellatio or masturbation.

Sex Toys to Hit The Male G Spot

Tips for using toy

Protect the toys with a condom before use. Avoid using any type of oil or petroleum products, since damage latex. If you use a toy without a condom, wash with soap and water when finished.

Aneros Anal plug

aneros1 thumb Male G Spot

Aneros is a male sex toy designed specifically for prostate massage. Along with hitting the male Gspot, the Aneros also stimulates the perineum.

They are of different thicknesses and lengths. The exact shape varies with the make and model, but basically they are all equal.

Anal Vibrators

waterproofpspotvibe thumb Male G Spot

In the picture we have the Waterproof P-Spot Vibe. It’s a vibrator specifically designed to stimulate the P Spot that has multiple speeds of vibration.

Other devices that are similar to the Vibrating Anal T and the Light-Of-Love T. The house Nexus Glide has some vibrators in the shape of the Aneros.

Warnings About Anal Sex

Anal sex the wrong way (lack of lubrication or excessive force) can lead to hemorrhoids, anal fissures, rectal prolapse (when the tissue that lines the rectum falls down into or sticks through the anal opening), anorectal trauma and other problems like that. It is important not to force the passive partner in any way.

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