7aefb5721bc1a22d8db8e2267b9ca6ec What is the Male G Spot

The male G-Spot is similar in many ways to the female G-Spot, in that it can provide intense sexual pleasure. Well essentially the male G-Spot is the prostate. That can be very surprising for many men considering that most of the time you hear about the prostate it’s usually something to do with cancer or erectile dysfunction. However it is one of the most sensitive sexual places on a man’s body.

Where is it?

Well the male G-Spot can only be located by entrance to the anus, and the best way to go about this is as follows. The follow guidelines are for a man wanting to find his own G-Spot or his partner wishing to do this for him.

  • Position yourself on your back and try to raise your bottom off the floor by using pillows or perhaps putting your feet against the wall behind the bed.
  • Gently massage the area around the anus in order to relax everything and to become comfortable with the situation; this is especially important if a partner is involved.
  • Apply some lubricant to the finger and rub gently increase the pressure over the surface of the anus. When everyone is comfortable to begin, things should be done slowly so as not to cause the tensing of any muscles.
  • Relax whilst the finger is inserted and before long you will find a small bump about two inches into the anal passage; this is the G-Spot.

To Stimulate the G-Spot

In order to stimulate the male G-Spot it is important to have a good supply of lubricant; particularly the type designed for this sort of sexual play.

  • To begin with, keep things simple. Use only a finger with lots of lubricant. After you’ve done it a few times you may want to get a specific sex toy.
  • Follow the same steps as you did to locate the G-Spot but try different pressure and different speed (ensuring you have plenty of anal specific lubricant). Each man will enjoy his G-Spot stimulated in a very different way, and sometimes in a variety of ways.
  • Stay relaxed throughout and the pleasure will be more intense.

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The right technique for stimulating the Male G-Spot depends a lot on the male involved.

  1. Once you have found the G-Spot, gentle caressing with the finger will begin the stimulation process.
  2. Some men react very positively to a gentle thrusting movement of the finger while others may prefer a more intense stimulation with constant pressure being placed on the prostate itself.
  3. You may want to mix and match the two stimulations together or experiment with different finger movements.
  4. Remember to move slowly with the stimulation because you are interacting in a very sensitive and very tender area of the man’s body. Too much stimulation can become very uncomfortable.
  5. Do the stimulation in a repetitive motion, giving the man’s body a chance to react to the stimulation.
  6. If the reaction you get is bland  or just plain non responsive, you will want to try another stimulation technique or a grouping of techniques, when you find a recipe that works, then keep it up gently.
  7. The man’s body will become more and more interactive as he nears his orgasm.
  8. When he does reach his orgasm, some men like the stimulation to continue and some need it to stop immediately because they become over-stimulated.
  9. Pay attention to the reactions you are getting, if they become too frantic, you will want to cease stimulation and let him come down naturally.

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The male G-spot isn’t at all difficult to find, it just takes a little time and a little patience.

  • Laying down flat on the back is the best position for the man to be in whether he is trying to locate the G spot or his partner is.
  • If the man is doing it and is having trouble with reach, sliding a couple of pillows under your bottom will lift your hips enough to remove that issue.
  • Once the man is totally comfortable, then start by gently massaging the area around the anus. Most men enjoy the feeling this produces and are not likely to complain any.
  • Once that area is relaxed enough, lubricate your index finger and very gently apply pressure to the anus, keep things slow and gentle as you enter the canal.
  • The man should take care to relax the sphincter muscle as much as possible.

The Male G spot is a small, chestnut sized bump that is about two inches from the entry point.

You should have no trouble realizing you found your target area by the reactions you receive. From there, stimulation techniques vary and will depend on the reactions you receive. Pay close attention to the responses and you will be able to narrow down the techniques that work. The main thing is to be patient and gentle as you are in a very sensitive area.

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