What would you put in a time capsule to be opened a century from now if the subject were sexuality? How would you represent our eroticism? What objects would you use to help future generations understand us — and, for that matter, to help your partners understand you?

Here, in no particular order, are some suggestions. Have fun adding your own.

• Vibrator: These started out as a way for women to learn about their bodies and enjoy themselves. Now, millions of couples use them to expand their repertoire beyond intercourse.

• Condom: An incredibly thin, strong device that prevents both unwanted pregnancy and disease. Hard to believe they were illegal for unmarried Americans in the last century.

• Tampon: A perfect example of how life is easier when you’re willing to deal with sexuality and your body directly.

• Beer bottle: Too many people have their first sexual experience while they’ve been drinking. As a result, people often do things they regret. And, of course, it’s really hard to enjoy sex when you’re drunk.

• Electric bill: Representing the telephone, computer, VCR and other electronic ways we now express our sexuality.

• Porn film: Whether you enjoy them or not, they do show people smiling and enjoying what they’re doing — which is what we look like if we’re fortunate, and wish we did if we’re not.

• AIDS poster: AIDS has replaced Communism as the reason that people can’t enjoy themselves or trust each other. Interestingly, although most middle-class single people say it concerns them, most have never had a long, serious conversation with a partner about it. Honest conversation will always be more intimate — and therefore more difficult — than sex.

• Therapy bill: Sexuality is still the source of an enormous amount of emotional pain for many people. Whether because of childhood trauma, guilt, shame, and ignorance, or sexual dysfunction, millions of American men and women suffer about sex — and can’t seem to get the help they need.

• Mirror: One of the things that undermines sexual desire and enjoyment for many women is embarrassment or discomfort about their bodies. Unfortunately, many women have unrealistic ideas about how they’re supposed to look — or how their mates expect them to look.

• Lipstick: Remember when you used to love to kiss? As an adult, do you kiss as much as you like?

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According to two recent studies, millions of Americans use one or more sex toys. We’re talking vibrators, dildos and butt plugs, as well as blindfolds, handcuffs and nipple clamps. We’ll leave whips and leather underwear for another discussion.

Like all technology, sex toys are an extension of the body. They are hands, tongues and genitalia that are bigger and stronger, and never tire. They are tools that help us give pleasure to ourselves and to each other.

Sex toys can be equally great for partner sex and masturbation. Any sex that can be improved by something that probes, stimulates, squeezes or alters sensation can be enhanced by a sex toy.

Unfortunately, some would-be users are self-conscious about feeling they need assistance. Others are concerned that their partner will feel inadequate. But this is like feeling self-critical that you need a comfortable chair to enjoy a movie. Our shyness about using sex toys really expresses the shame we feel about admitting we’re sexual in a sex-negative culture.

It’s no illusion. Until recently, for example, most national magazines refused vibrator advertising &3151; including Ms. magazine. And only last year, the state of Alabama criminalized the production or sale of “sexual devices marketed primarily for the stimulation of human genitals.”

Why the controversy about a 5-inch battery-powered piece of buzzing plastic? Sex toys are about sexual pleasure, not about reproduction or romantic love (although many romantic, loving people and couples use them).

A vibrator or nipple clamp in your hand is the smoking gun of pleasure — you simply can’t deny that getting off is exactly what you have in mind.

So sex toys are a vehicle for sexual empowerment; for learning about our eroticism, for pleasuring ourselves, for encouraging our partners to feel things more deeply. They are, literally, the way we take our sexuality into our own hands. No wonder so many authorities frown on sex toys and make us hide them under the covers. Using a sex toy is, after all, a political act.

And it feels damn good, too.


  • Talk to your partner about your interest in sex toys. Make the conversation fun, not scary.
  • Remember, we use toys because we enjoy them, not because we “need to.”
  • To find a source for your sex toys, search the Web (there are dozens of choices).

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Ease of Use

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ae1e43367f32bd469644c1cd93bcca3d Fun Factory Delight

My name is Marsha and I’m a middle aged woman from the US. I live alone since my husband passed away tragically seven years ago. I’ve been alone so long now that I’ve gotten used to having no real sex life at all, and I had all but given up on finding such mythical places as the G-Spot until I met a new friend at the mall one afternoon, and then things suddenly started to get better.

I have this passion for porcelain pigs, so I was shopping in this novelty store that seemed to have a huge range of the things, and I met another collector. Her name was Stella and after we’d talked about our strange pastime we decided to go for some coffee. Now they say that you can talk more comfortably to strangers about personal things, and this was certainly the case with Stella. It wasn’t long before we were talking about our sex lives (the lack of!) and the existence of the G-Spot. It was then that Stella grinned and told me in no uncertain terms that there certainly was a G-Spot and she had found it on herself with the help of a sex toy called the Fun Factory Delight.

I don’t have the first clue about sex toys but I went online and bought a Fun Factory Delight. I laughed to myself when I opened the discreet looking parcel when it arrived, and I had to read all the instructions before I used it. I had this rather bizarre fear that I might damage myself if I didn’t use it correctly. Nothing could have been further from the truth though, and when I got going with the Fun Factory Delight, I don’t think I left the house for three days solid; I must have lost six pound in weight just by not finding time to eat!

It’s a lovely design and it suits my methodical, somewhat pedantic, way of life quite nicely. It’s all neatly packaged in a rather lovely case that looks like nothing at all from the outside, so if you left it lying around on your dressing table no-one would really be any wiser about what it actually is. Another bonus to this is that the Fun Factory Delight makes its case the actual charger!

When I inserted it and switched it on for the first time I was a little freaked out, and to be honest more than a little sceptical that it could ever feel as good as actually having sex. It wasn’t long (the first 10 secs) before I felt the full effect of the Fun Factory Delight and found the fabled G-Spot that everyone spends their life in search of; there are no words to describe the sensation, it’s simply ineffable! Along with the fabled g-spot, this vibrator also hits the clitoris just perfectly. When I inserted it and switched it on I not only felt the vibrations deep inside of me around my g spot, I also felt them on the lovely little bump that’s designed to sit against my clit. I sat on the edge of my bed, pressing down hard on my clit with this little bump, and with the delight firmly inside of me, I guided it all around my g spot with the little handle that also serves as the control panel; it was like playing a video game with a joystick! In this position, because the delight was hooked inside me firmly, and I was sitting down on it I was also enable to let go, leaving it firmly in place buzzing away, while I stroked my boobs and tweaked my big nipples.

Just when I thought I couldn’t enhance my sexual pleasure anymore I remembered that there was a variable speed control on the Delight, and when I increased this I actually felt as though I’d been plugged into an electrical socket, it was so intense. I screamed out and came almost instantly. I turned down the speed of the vibrations so that I could tolerate it without going crazy and I had a fantastic session on my bed. I suppose this is one of the beauties of the Fun Factory Delight, being able to adjust the power at which you are brought to your climax; some women can handle a little more than others!

Since I’ve had the Fun Factory Delight I’ve tried some others in the search for something different, but no other g-spot vibrator has managed to get me going in the same way. The Fun Factory Delight is soft and pliable when inserted, just like many other g-spot vibes, but there is one fundamental difference between it and these others, and this is that the g-spot end remains firm, and this is very important when stimulating the g spot; at least in my experience anyway!

Go on and treat yourself today, you won’t regret it!

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