How can you get closer to the one you’re with? By understanding the many ways to ignite intimacy.

Intimacy takes many forms: verbal, physical, sexual, spiritual, says Klein. A relationship is all the more powerful — and intimate — when it features more than one of these forms.

Begin your exploration of intimacy with the verbal variety. There are two revealing questions you must first ask of yourself, and then a third you must ask of a loved one.

Once you’ve considered your feelings about getting close, you’re ready to hear the truth about intimacy. Everyone from Oprah to your best friend to Aunt Mabel has a different definition of it, and they’re not always right.

After you put the myths about intimacy aside, you’re ready to draw your partner closer. Spend time getting to know your partner’s dreams and desires. Learn to nurture your relationship, and you’ll keep the sparks flying.

Enough talking. Isn’t sex a part of intimacy? Our readers want to know and we have the answer.

If there’s one thing sure to spoil intimacy, it’s jealously. While occasional pangs of the stuff are natural in most loving relationships,persistent jealously will put out the flame in hearts once afire.

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1114069 amsterdam Women Aren’t Men:  Sexuality BasicsWhen you say that men and women are different it’s not like you’re telling people something that they don’t already know. However, just how different they really are isn’t something that a lot of people realize. Sure, the physical characteristics of men and women are certainly different, but that’s not the only issue. What they like and what they want (as well as what they need) are also different, and that’s just as true in the bedroom as it is anywhere else. Men are generally more interested in the physical gratification that sex brings them, but women need more than that in many cases. They also like the closeness and companionship that they get from a sexual encounter with their partner. That doesn’t mean, though, that women don’t like something that just equates to raw sex occasionally, or that men don’t need any closeness.

As a generalization, women are more sensitive. They’re interested in being touched in different areas and they want to feel as though they are loved and nurtured as opposed to just being stimulated for a specific sexual encounter. With that in mind, men can mistakes in the bedroom by not being aware of their partner’s needs and be not taking the time to communicate so that those needs can be addressed. While both women and men enjoy sex, the way that it’s presented to them and the kind of enjoyment that they get from it can be very different, so making time to understand your partner is important for both men and women.

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