There are, as I am sure you all know, two main types of female orgasm, and these are the clitoral one and the G-Spot orgasm, but to argue which one is best is surely a bad question.  And that is the focus of this blog.  You shouldn’t put any more emphasis on one type of orgasm above the other.

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Try both orgasms and make your own choice. Although there have been surveys that suggest the G-Spot offers the most intense orgasms, there can be no opinion that could possibly tell you which one is best because we are all physically different.  Do whatever makes you feel good.

Failure to locate the G-Spot is common, and this is through no fault of the woman concerned.  There is evidence that suggests that some women (typically under 30) have a high level of the hormone estrogen, and this hormone creates a vaginal wall that is too thick to properly stimulate the G-Spot.  There is hope however, because as the female gets older her levels of estrogen drop, thus making her G-Spot more accessible.

Those unable to properly stimulate the G-Spot can still have very intense clitoral orgasms.  It’s almost as though it’s meant to be because there are several studies that relate to the fact that those woman unable of properly stimulating their G-Spots have better clitoral orgasms than those woman who can.

As long as you are having as much fun as you can, or as much fun as you want or can take, then there is no right or wrong answer here.

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107913 reaching for the light 3 Fun Toys To Help You Stimulate Your SpotWomen don’t always need (or want) a man around to stimulate them sexually. If you’re one of those women, you should know that there are many great toys out there to give you the pleasure that you’re looking for and that are easy to use. There are several that are designed to target the G spot, which is supposed to give you an intense level of pleasure that you can’t get from clitoral stimulation. While not all women respond to the G spot in quite the same way, most women enjoy the feeling that they get from being touched in that area. It can be elusive and hard to find, though, which is why some toys are made just for that purpose – so you can find and enjoy your G spot more easily.

A standard vibrating toy made just for the G spot region is one of the most common and best toys out there but there are others, including one shaped like a dolphin and another one shaped like a mole. While that might sound crazy, the unique shape helps to ensure that these toys hit just the right spot at just the right angle and degree of pressure. That’s a great way to enjoy yourself, and some people like to use their toys with a partner, as well. No matter which toy you choose – and there are many others that you can find to stimulate that spot – get one that you’ll be comfortable using and that’s right for you, so you can experience the pleasure that you deserve.

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