107913 reaching for the light 3 Fun Toys To Help You Stimulate Your SpotWomen don’t always need (or want) a man around to stimulate them sexually. If you’re one of those women, you should know that there are many great toys out there to give you the pleasure that you’re looking for and that are easy to use. There are several that are designed to target the G spot, which is supposed to give you an intense level of pleasure that you can’t get from clitoral stimulation. While not all women respond to the G spot in quite the same way, most women enjoy the feeling that they get from being touched in that area. It can be elusive and hard to find, though, which is why some toys are made just for that purpose – so you can find and enjoy your G spot more easily.

A standard vibrating toy made just for the G spot region is one of the most common and best toys out there but there are others, including one shaped like a dolphin and another one shaped like a mole. While that might sound crazy, the unique shape helps to ensure that these toys hit just the right spot at just the right angle and degree of pressure. That’s a great way to enjoy yourself, and some people like to use their toys with a partner, as well. No matter which toy you choose – and there are many others that you can find to stimulate that spot – get one that you’ll be comfortable using and that’s right for you, so you can experience the pleasure that you deserve.

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