1196198 old trains “Hit By A Train” and other descriptions of a G Spot Orgasm Women who have G spot orgasms often find that they are much more intense than the clitoral orgasms, and they use phrases like ‘hit by a train’ to describe the intensity of the feelings that they’re experiencing. Not all women reach this intensity, of course, but many of them do. If you’re interested in experiencing this type of orgasm and haven’t yet been able to, it’s important to be patient, because not all women can have them easily. It is much more difficult for some women than it is for others, and some never have them at all, but that’s no reason not to try. Whether you try alone or with a partner, you can find out whether a G spot orgasm is mind-blowing for you or only similar to the clitoral orgasms that are easier to achieve for most women.

The G spot is actually more of a zone, and while it’s in the same basic place on every woman, they all react to it just a little bit differently. With that in mind, it’s important to talk with your partner if you’re interested in exploring the G spot orgasm and haven’t practiced, because it can take some time to get things just right. If you’re able to communicate well you’ll have a better chance of enjoying the experience, even if the ‘hit by a train’ feeling doesn’t materialize. No matter what, good communication between partners is the key to the enjoyment of orgasms and for the enjoyment of the sexual experience in general.

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G Spot Pictures

g spot3 G Spot Pictures

Picture of G Spot

The G Spot diagram (pictured above) shows the location of where the female gspot is.

Female G-Spot Photo

gspot vagina orgasm G Spot Pictures

G Spot Picture - Bumpy Texture

Compared to the smooth, inner walls of the vagina, the female g spot has a rough, rigid, bumpy texture. (See picture above)

Picture of How To Find The G Spot

gspot4 G Spot Pictures

How To Find The G Spot - Picture

The location of the G-Spot is approximately 1-3" on the ceiling of the vagina.

To stimulate the gspot, insert 1 finger inside a woman's vagina and make a "come hither" motion.

It is considered the most sensitive part inside a womans' vagina, and when the G Spot is properly stimulated, it can lead to female ejaculation.

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598016 man and woman 2 The G Spot is No Silver BulletA lot of men seem to labor under the misguided impression that the G spot is some kind of Holy Grail – some kind of magic, silver bullet that would make everything perfect for their partner…if only they could find it. It can be difficult to locate, though, and can lead to frustration for both men and women who have trouble locating it. If you're in the group of people who has trouble finding the G spot, you don't have to despair. Some women have a very difficult time trying to have an orgasm when their G spot is stimulated and they are much more likely to have a clitoral orgasm, so finding the G spot might not even be helpful. There's certainly no reason not to try if you and your partner want to look for it, but don't let a lack of locating it ruin an otherwise good sex life.

Too many people put too much emphasis on the G spot and what it can or can't do, so don't be one of those people. Just enjoy your sex life with your partner – or on your own – whether you find the G spot or not. That way there won't be any pressure to locate something that might not matter to you in the long run and you won't be putting undue pressure on your partner to look for something that can prove extremely elusive. There are other, very satisfying ways to have an orgasm and women can go their entire lives, not have a G spot orgasm, and be very sexually satisfied.

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