VigRX and Vimax are herbal supplements that help men improve sexual performance, particularly with the problematic aspects of sex like erection intensity and maintenance throughout lovemaking, penis length, penis girth, and control of premature ejaculation.

Both supplements have been growing in popularity over the years because of two reasons: mode of acquisition and effectiveness.

First of all, you do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy these supplements. Unlike prescription drugs like viagra or cialis, these herbal supplements can be bought by adult males even without the doctor’s consent. However, I suggest you ask your doctor about possible allergic reactions to the herbal ingredients.

Main Effects

These herbal supplements contain substances from plants that can improve blood flow to the penis during sex. These herbal drugs (also known as herbal aphrodisiacs) help improve your over-all health, not just your sexual health, but admittedly, your main goal is to improve your circulation so that it directly affects the way you make love.


Vimax contains extracts from Gingko biloba, a traditional herb that is commonly used for improving blood circulation. In ancient times, this herb was said to be the cure-all for most human diseases. Vimax also contains saw palmetto, ginseng, horny goat weed, and cayenne fruit essences.

VigRX ingredients include extracts from the damiana plant (Turnera aphrodisiaca), Tribulus terrestris, ginseng plants and other herbs with similar effects on vasodilatation and blood flow. The herbs in Vig-RX have also been traditionally used for improving athletic and sexual performance.

The most recent version of Vigrx contains bioperine (a substance extracted from Piper nigrum), which supposedly improves the body’s absorption of all the other herbal ingredients. The addition of bioperine in Vigrx is said to be a breakthrough in the formulation because the additional ingredient shortens the ‘waiting time’ for the effects to become obvious.


Like other vitamins, one pill a day should be enough. However, VigRX and Vimax retailers recommend that taking one pill twice a day can improve your sexual prowess more.


Vimax costs 59 USD per bottle, and each bottle contains 30 pills. VigRX costs 76.99 USD per box, and box contains enough pills to last for one month. Discounts are offered when you order multiple bottles or boxes.

Long-Term Effects

Both Vimax and Vigrx improve the girth and length of your penis when you have an erection, but only Vimax claims that the effect will extend even when you are not using the drug anymore (is “forever” long enough for you?).

The mechanism of erection maintenance has something to do with the way blood suffuses the spongy cavity inside your penis. If these drugs work as they claim, the blood flow to your penis is stronger, making it look a lot bigger than normal. Of course, when your erection is gone, the limp penis still has the same dimensions.

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