The final decision on which are the five best would have a lot to do with the form and function the purchaser is looking for.

  • There are vibrators that are made to be held while stimulating and those that are meant to be fully inserted.
  • There are vibrators that are meant to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time.
  • Any number of vibrators would fit these different bills.

So here is a mix of what is available.

The Wild G Spot Vibrator has had a large multitude of rave reviews by professional outfits and individuals alike.

It is waterproof and battery operated so it can be used anywhere including under water (don’t go diving with it). This is a strong quiet little toy that is capable of producing large amounts of sensation.

The Rabbit and Jack Rabbit take two positions in the top five.

In all its forms, it is a perfectly capable little device that has a little rabbit shape with ears meant specifically to stimulate the clitoris while the shaft is busily stimulating the G-spot.

The We-Vibe is designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot and what makes this little device unique is that it does not need to be removed during intercourse.

It is battery operated and ‘splash proof, quiet and reliable. The only downfall for this one is it has to be charged 24 hours before initial use.

The Lelo Gigi is a good design for those of us that are shy about using something that is the shape of a penis.

This little device does not have any genitalia inflection to embarrass. It is well made and able to deliver intense stimulation as well as gentle massage to the G-spot. It also has an added feature of being able to be turned off with a five second delay so it won’t turn on accidentally.

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The We-Vibe is designed as an internal vibrator that can be worn during intercourse without interrupting or restricting movement.

  • The We-Vibe provides stimulation to both the clitoris and the g-spot simultaneously, being held in place by tension.
  • It is made out of a hypoallergenic, non-porous, medical-grade silicone and is powered by two separate motors with two vibration settings.
  • This little device is fully rechargeable and can never be overcharged, it is splash proof and discreetly quiet.

The only unfortunate thing is it requires a 24 hour charge before initial use, which may be quite a challenge in waiting for some of us.

If this is your first time playing with this toy, you will want to give it a trial run using it on your tummy or your inner thighs on all settings, this will give you an idea as to what to expect once it is in place.

Once the We-Vibe is in place, you can keep it there by a number of different means, one is using a nice tight fitting pair of panties in order to enjoy hands free stimulation.

With your partner, this little device becomes even more stimulating.

You can try a whole variety of positions and your partner will feel the stimulation too. Don’t let its diminutive size fool you, this is a little powerhouse packed full of all sorts of stimulating fun.

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The We-Vibe is a revolutionary sex toy not only in it’s design but it’s use. The We-Vibe is not just single person sex toy. In fact, the We-Vibe has gained such accolades because it is the only toy on the market that can be used by couples while having sex. This isn’t to say you couldn’t have a good time with the We-Vibe by yourself, quite the contrary, but the fact you can use it with a partner just adds to the allure of this toy.

Despite it’s revolutionary design and use, it works great as a traditional toy, and excels as a G-spot stimulator.


  • Comes in a wonderful case that looks like a pair of sunglasses. It’s discrete and small. You can carry it anywhere with you, even in your purse.
  • The We-Vibe has rechargeable batteries. It comes with an included AC adapter that you simply plug in to the unit, and the batteries top themselves off.
  • The same toy has both a clitoral as well as G-spot stimulator; both of which you can use during intercourse with your partner.
  • Simple to use. There are two vibrational settings, a high and a low.
  • Excellent battery life. Toys are now starting to be rated like cellphones because they both use rechargeable batteries. The We-Vibe has a stand by time of 60 days. That’s over 2 months. No matter how infrequent your sex life might be, it seems like the We-Vibe will be ready and waiting for you.
  • If during those 60 days you do manage to find a use for the We-Vibe, it has an ovary-scrambling in-use rating of up to 2 hours. Since it’s rechargeable you needn’t worry about finding batteries for it, just plug it into the wall, and you’ll be ready to go again soon.
  • The flexible nature of the dual vibrators means that it’s very comfortable to use. It’s medical grade silicone is very accommodating to even the most delicate anatomy.
  • Though this resides inside the woman during intercourse it does not offer any problem for the man. In fact, often times men report increased pleasure as the internal vibrator actually stimulates the man as well.
  • If the opportunity presents itself, you don’t have to worry about submersing or getting the We-Vibe wet, it’s completely water proof. So if you find the situation getting hotter in a hot tub, it’s no problems for the We-Vibe.


  • Because it’s made of silicone, you won’t want to use a silicone lubricant with this toy because it will damage it.
  • The charge jack can be difficult to insert the first time for fear of breaking the toy. Fear not, just push it through into the jack, it’s designed for this.
  • The vibration setting applies to both vibrators. So if you wanted more G spot stimulation, but less clitoral stimulation, that wouldn’t be feasible without turning both of the vibrators up or down.

Video Demonstration of the We Vibe


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