In the movie City Slickers, the wisecracking lead character says, “Men don’t need a reason to have sex; they just need a place.”

The place? How about an MRI tube, that long, narrow tunnel where medical personnel take pictures of your insides to figure out what’s wrong.

The reason? Let’s try furthering medical science.

The eight couples that helped produce first-ever Magnetic Resonance Imaging pictures of human sexual intercourse proved that the penis bends backwards — like a boomerang — during missionary position coitus.

schwing Dutch Capture Hot Sex on MRI

Admittedly, romance was challenged in the claustrophic space where movement is actually forbidden, but researchers threw up a makeshift curtain for privacy and asked each couple to hold still just long enough to capture their pelvises on the mark and in focus.

All but one couple needed a boost from Viagra.

The Viagra-free couple was, not coincidentally, “a pair of amateur street acrobats who are trained and used to performing under stress,” according to Willibrord Weijmar Schultz, an associate professor of gynecology at the University Hospital Groningen in the Netherlands.

This pair of high-achieving research participants may have been happy to find any suitable place. But Schultz nonetheless praised “their scientific curiosity, knowledge of the body and artistic commitment.”

The researcher regarded his experiment as a true artistic endeavor. After all, didn’t Leonardo da Vinci produce an elegant but now inaccurate anatomical sketch called “The Copulation” some 500 years ago? The MRI art Schultz produced may not be theMona Lisa, but he can say he set the Renaissance master straight about the bend.

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 How to Find The G Spot

How To Find The G Spot

Where is the gspot? You’ve heard whispers about IT. Maybe you’ve even heard the woman in your life talking about it with her girlfriends. What is the G Spot? WHERE is this secret love button hidden?

Some folks say the G Spot doesn’t even exist. While others report it’s prime vagina real estate to move on with your hand, a vibrator or even your penis. Just inside a woman’s vagina the right manipulation of the g spot brings her screaming to a shattering orgasm.

Step One

How do you find it? If your lady is lying on her back, push a finger inside her vagina, and then curl it up towards her navel. Just behind her pelvic bone (about two inches inside her) is a spot that’s slightly rippled and kind of springy (some say spongy). Similar to her clitoris, this sweet spot wants pressure, teasing and stroking.

Step Two

Get her hot and wet before attempting this little number. With your fingers about two inches inside her hot, wet vagina, locate the g spot and move your fingers in even circles all around and over it in a clockwise direction. Start and don’t break a steady rotational rhythm – move your fingers in small, slow, tight circles, or point your fingers more sharply up and rock them back and forth – tapping the spot.

Step Three

Kind of like your penis, this little spot swells and hardens as she gets close to the edge. A combination technique – tracing the g spot with your fingertips, while at the same time moving them in and out, will have her riding your hand in a frenzy. Make sure that you hit the g spot on each and every rotation (it’s THAT important) and put some wrist into it. Don’t forget to stroke her clitoris and pay attention to her breasts with your other hand as you work her g spot. Then, enjoy the explosions and the rewards!

Overall Tips & Warnings

  • Always keep your nails trimmed back and your hands manicured (no hangnails, etc.,) – no vagina wants to be scratched…just petted.

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It’s the Holy Grail of a woman’s pleasure zones. It’s that oh-so-elusive spot that some women themselves cannot even find.  It’s something that is probably not even true. When you talk about what is the G-spot, these are the typical reactions that you will get.

So what exactly is the G-spot whose mere existence is being debated upon?  What do the sex experts think about it? Do all women have it?  Read on to find out more about the G-spot, what it is, where it is located and the sensations that it brings to women which makes both men and women dub it as the “Holy Grail” of a woman’s pleasure zones.

A Quick Look at What the G-Spot Is

So what is the G-spot? Basically, this is the counterpart of the clitoris which is a part of a woman’s vagina that is meant solely to bring her sexual pleasure.  If the clitoris is a pleasure button located on the front wall of the vagina, the G-spot is supposed to be a bean-shaped tissue which is located about a couple of inches up the vaginal wall.

It was Dr. Ernst Grafenberg who discovered the spot way back in the 1950′s, and it was his surname that the “Grafenberg Spot” or G-spot was named after. In medical terms, it is a spongy tissue of the paraurethral gland, making it pretty much the equivalent of the male prostate.

So what makes stimulating the G-spot such an ecstatic experience for women? Basically, this tissue which is no more than the size of a quarter is made up of nerve ending and blood vessels. As such, when the G-spot is stimulated, it is bound to bring a woman to a toe-curling, mind-blowing or even earth-shattering orgasm.

What is the Best Way to Locate the G-Spot?

Now that you already have an idea about what the G-spot exactly is, what is the best way to located it?

First, here are a couple of tips if you are looking forward to having a G-spot orgasm – either with or without a partner:

  • Make sure that you have plenty of lubrication – whether you are using your fingers, a sex toy or you are having a G-spot orgasm through penetration.
  • Prior to targeting the G-spot, make sure that you are fully aroused. If not, stimulating the spot may cause discomfort or even downright pain.

Second, here are the things that you need to do in order to locate the G-spot. If you are using your fingers to stimulate the area, make sure to apply plenty of lubrication to either your middle or index finger. Place your fingers on the vaginal opening and once you are about a couple of inches in, make a hooking or a comehither motion with your fingers – pointing towards the belly button.

Once you’ve hit a tissue which feels rougher than the rest of the vaginal wall, make a constant tapping motion until you reach a G-spot orgasm. All in all, learning what is the G-spot is and working towards having a G-spot orgasm is all a matter of being comfortable with your body, with your partner and not being afraid to experiment.

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