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I normally have yellow or white creamy vaginal discharge. Recently, however, I’ve been noticing a white jelly-like discharge, just like gelatin. Is this anything to be alarmed about?


This describes either normal cervical mucus or vaginal lubricating fluid. If there are no other symptoms (such as vaginal itching, soreness or pain), the changes seen are normal. Ask the doctor during the next pelvic exam to check the condition of the cervix or take a sample of the discharge if there is any concern.

The appearance and texture of vaginal secretions vary throughout each montly reproductive cycle as conditions inside the vagina respond to changes in hormonal levels. This is especially true of the mucus secreted by the cervix.

Cervical mucus usually appears in greater quantities midcycle, around the time the egg is released, and color and texture then differ from vaginal secretions during the rest of the month. This special mucus facilitates the journey of the sperm through the cervix into the uterus. In addition, the lubricating fluid produced by the vagina during sexual arousal also looks different from other vaginal secretions.

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