The Best Positions For G Spot Stimulation

Missionary position might sound clean and right, but the plain fact of the matter is that you have a hard time getting in touch with the female g-spot in this position. This means she’s not got much of a chance of reaching an orgasm with this position unless she has had a large amount of stimulation beforehand; enough to put her almost to orgasm by itself.

So for proper g-spot stimulation, its important to try other positions as well. 

  • The first alternate position to try is with the woman on top.

Some women won’t be able to do this position because it feels uncomfortable for them however most will not only be able to do it, but enjoy it immensely. Many men find this position an extreme turn on. In this position the woman can control depth, intensity, and speed. She can also tease by not moving and drive the man crazy.

This can be very stimulating for both parties, it also puts her in control of using her movements to put your penis in just the right position to hit her g-spot.

  • Another alternate position is commonly known as ‘doggy style.’ This position has the woman on her hands and knees and the man on his knees behind her.

In this position, both parties can share control of all aspects and the woman can move her body in order to guide the man’s penis exactly where she wants it to be. The man can do all the work, or the woman can do all the work, or it can be shared. She may even drop down to her elbows rather than hands.

There are other positions that are just as exciting, do yourselves a favor and explore. Be open minded and adventurous.

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