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I’ve used the Lelo Lilly before and I loved the experience and it’s small design, so I was instantly attracted to the Lelo Iris Pleasure Object. This little beauty is a step up from the Lilly in that it actually penetrates! I used the Lilly for years, and still do, but when I need that little bit extra, when I need to feel as though something is actually shoving itself inside my hot, wet pussy, I turn to the Iris Pleasure Object.

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This is a sex toy to use when you’re on your own and you’ve got time to spare; and also, I nearly forgot, make sure no-one else is in the house when you try it for the first time because you’re sure to scream the walls down. I’ve never been as loud during sex or masturbation as I was when I pushed this gorgeous little sex toy into my pussy. Well, when I say “little sex toy” I should probably be a little more accurate. It isn’t little at all. In fact it’s quite big, and it certainly rivals my husband’s cock. It’s 8″ in length and you really get to feel every inch of it as it goes in. I think this is probably due to the design. It sort of bends in the same shape as you would imagine the inside of your vagina, and it hits all the right spots. When I switched it onto a faster speed I could push it all the way in and still manage to get my clit stimulated due to the pressure that seems to automatically apply itself when you push in and out.

I’ve seen a load of those huge nobbly vibes out there on the market, and i’ve often been tempted to buy one. However, I do have a husband who is pretty good at doing me most of the time, so I don’t see the point in buying a dildo or a vibrator that tries to be a cock; i’ve got one at my disposal thanks. The best thing a vibe can do is to do something new and exciting like the Lelo Iris Pleasure Object has done. It’s slick surface and relatively lump and bump free design allows me to get the maximum amount of pleasure from the device, without pushing to much in any direction; it’s thickness is just right, and when combined with the vibrations it almsot feels as though the Iris is actually glued to me at times!

Now I know I’ve told you that the Lelo Iris is a sex toy that you should play with on your own, but I have to tell you about when my husband caught me playing with it the other day. I think it was Wednesday last week, i’m not entirely sure, but I can be sure of the fact that I very nearly gave him a heart attack when he walked through the door.

We are no strangers to masturbation, and we both know that the other does it frequently (this is the basis of a healthy sex life in my mind), but I don’t think that my husband expected to see me on the staircase right in front of the door with my panties pulled to one side and my Lelo Iris Pleasure Object in my hand, thrusting it into myself. I had just washed it with some soapy water in the kitchen sink you see, and I got a little horny rubbing it in the water; all I could think of was when I could do myself with it again. So that’s how I ended up on the staircase; that’s as far as I could make it!

My husband dropped his bag at the same time as his jaw hit the floor. However, he didn’t waste any time in getting his trousers off and finishing me off right then and there on the staircase with the Lelo Iris still buzzin at my side. During our intercourse he actually grabbed it and pushed it between us while we did it; I think he got as much out of it as I did. Well it didn’t seem to take him long to exhaust his batteries anyway!

click here to visit blue1 The Lelo Iris Pleasure Object

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