The Myths of the Female Ejaculation

The female body is capable of ejaculation in a similar way to the male’s, through over thirty small channels, and will do so repeatedly if correctly stimulated.

Shelia Jeffreys, a lesbian feminist historian, once wrote that female ejaculation was simply an “invention” of the male imagination.

The Datoro peoples of Uganda have a puberty rite called “kachapati” – literally “spray the wall” in which the older women teach the younger females how to spray out their ejaculatatory fluids in rhythmic bursts.

Sometimes people disagree about female ejaculation. Hippocrates, the “father” of modern medicine, and Aristotle, a well-known thinker, didn’t mess about. They knew women could squirt too. And how.

True to form the Victorians didn’t play ball. For instance, there was a man called Kraft-Ebbing (who wasn’t Flowing). Although he accepted the existence of female ejaculation, he believed it occurred only in women with neurasthenia (a disease).

In Victorian England bodily secretions (especially sexual ones) awoke feelings of horror in men and women alike. In the terminology of the eminent psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich the prevailing climate was “sex negative”. Female ejaculation, which had previously been regarded as a harmless and entirely natural source of female joy, was now reduced to the symptoms of hysterical illness.

Female ejaculation was now associated with notions of sickness and disease. Once labelled as dirt it was only a matter of time before it was swept under the carpet; to the extent that many sexologists continue to deny its existence. As recently as 1982, Masters, Johnson and Kolandy continued to refer to female ejaculation as “an erroneous belief” and suggest that the fluid could be the result of “urinary stress incontinence”. Shannon Bell, in The Hysterical Male suggests that because female ejaculation is all about pleasure, and that women’s pleasure has traditionally been neglected. “the knowledge of ejaculation has not been accepted and socially appropriated by professionals or the public.”

Ms. Bell goes on to remind us that “Josephine Sevely, Eve’s Secrets. A New Theory of Female Sexuality (1987), has provided us with the most comprehensive study of female ejaculation. Her theory not only sexualizes the urethra but also emphasises the simultaneous involvement of the clitoris, urethra, and vagina, which function as a single integrated sex organ. The implications of Sevely’s theory are threefold. First, a woman s sexual organ ceases to be fragmented into clitoris and vagina: it is an integrated whole composed of clitoris, urethra, and vagina. Second, this integrated whole is a multiplicity “full of things,” all alive with sensation. The [w]hole is an active [w]hole; no more clitoral activity versus vaginal passivity (presumably as in the myth of separate and distinct orgasms for vagina and clitoris). Third, the “anatomical difference” between male and female genitals upon which phallocentric culture and society is premised is challenged by an alternative construction of anatomical symmetry. Both male and female bodies have prostrate gland structures and both have the potential to ejaculate fluids during sexual stimulation. The female body, free from the limiting economy of the male psyche-libido, reveals physiological differences within anatomical symmetry. The female body can ejaculate fluid from thirty-one ducts; with stimulation can ejaculate repeatedly; can ejaculate more fluid than the male body ; and can enjoy a plurality of genital pleasure sites: the clitoris, urethra, vagina, the vaginal entrance, the roof of the vagina, the bottom of the vagina, and the cervix.”

Patriarchy seeks to control, to make predictable, to repress the spontaneous and to dominate. But total order equals stagnation and death. Chaos theory shows us the one constant in this multiverse is the chaotic. This seemingly solid magazine is in reality made up mostly of empty space in and through which atoms and sub-atomic particles are whizzing and weaving in a totally unpredictable dance of creation. Patriarchy is on the wane and the Goddess is rising once again. Let us shag freely and ejaculate together to the strains of the coming new age.

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