Wise Guide to Better Sex

What adventures should you get your playmate interested in? Well, we’ll tell you

For starters, we’ll tell you how planning your encounters ahead of time will spice up your relationship. We’ll also tell you how to get the conditions right for a hot night.

You’ve probably seen ads for “herbal Viagra” in various forms. We’ll debunk the erroneous claims while presenting some herbs that might help. We’ll also let you know about prescription drugs that might be turning your libido into a wet noodle.

Is your spouse around? No? Great, ’cause we’re going to tell you how to use masturbation to improve your sexual responsiveness.

When it’s time to get together, we’ll tell you how to use porn to get the ball rolling. We explain some techniques for better oral sex, as well as some sex toys you might want to try.

Men, why should we stop with one orgasm? We’ll tell you how to become multi-orgasmic in just a few short weeks: an editorial gift from MyPrimeTime that lasts a lifetime. Aye, she’ll like it too.

And just for fun, take our quiz to determine what kind of sexual animal you are now. Maybe you’re a lion lying down with the lambs.

So go ahead: plunge right in. Er, click where it feels right. I mean … ah, just read the stories already. Your better sex life is about to start, you lucky, lucky reader.

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2 Responses to “Wise Guide to Better Sex”

Mark May 17, 2011

This s a good site.

awaisnawaz June 18, 2011

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