You’ve Heard The Rumors; Now Get The Facts On Female Ejaculation

Female ‘ejaculation’ really isn’t that different from male ejaculation in feelings and sensations. It will take a woman longer to get to that point because she is more emotionally based and needs more emotional stimulation as well as physical caressing and ‘foreplay’. If a woman does not have any moisture in her nether regions she is not ready for the next step.

Once a woman is fully stimulated you will know it by her emotional and physical reactions to you.

Arousal for a woman may take longer and intercourse may need to last longer for a woman to orgasm than for a man, but the feelings are very similar in nature:

  1. As the woman becomes more and more stimulated, her clitoris and vaginal walls become very sensitive, almost to sort of a ticklish state.
  2. As the sensitivity grows, an excitement begins welling within her.
  3. The excitement continues to well up and her body movements will become more accentuated and her breathing will be stronger.
  4. The welling continues to rise within her as she is constantly stimulated.
  5. Finally she orgasms much like the crest of a wave breaking before moving towards the shore.
  6. The orgasm will send spasms of euphoria through her body as her sexual organs contract over and over again around eight times a second.
  7. As the orgasm settles in, her body will relax down and relax further into a state of well-being.

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